The Mobile APP Software Dilemma

This plugin is beginning to grow and grow 🙂 … After three months of on the WordPress directory, WordApp has become quite popular.

Started as a fight against high development costs. I’m building a plugin for wordpress that will (I hope) convert any WordPress(.org) website in to a mobile app.

We are planning to :

  • Post weekly updates to the plugin.
  • Add 3 new themes (Mobile app themes) per month.
  • Hold webinars & add weekly videos/blog posts about mobile marketing.

I have been working in mobile app development & marketing for 4 years and programming for 10 years.

As a follower of WordPress for many years I love everything about the WordPress site, software and the community around it.

I hope our plugin will bring as much use, joy and income to those that use it, as WordPress has us over the year.

So this is where the journey starts.

Check out the plugin here : WordApp Mobile App Plugin Download



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